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The Northern Logger and Timber Processor is the only monthly trade publication edited exclusively for loggers, sawmillers, timberland managers and processors of primary forest products in the Northeastern and Lake States region. The magazine’s 100 percent paid (Verified Audited) circulation is largely contained within the region from Maine to Minnesota on the north and Missouri to Maryland on the south.

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Sample Articles

Check out articles from previous issues of Northern Logger and Timber Processor Magazine.

Firefighter posted as a lookout on the sunset fire.
On a Western Fireline

While firefighting isn’t either northern or logging, one person’s experience presents a unique look into how so many people outside of the forest industry become aware of forests.

Walking is Better Than Zooming

As we look towards a post pandemic world, don’t be surprised if, after the initial pleasing aspect of in-person person meetings wears off, you begin to see the drawbacks in this format.

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