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NELA is a regional trade group representing members of the Northeast and Lake States’ logging, sawmilling, and forest products community.

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For over sixty years the Northeastern Loggers Association has published a highly respected monthly magazine that focuses exclusively on our region – The Northern Logger and Timber Processor. NELA also produces training programs, pamphlets and books, and the region’s largest exposition of forest products and tree care equipment. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the link below.


Articles from previous issues of The Northern Logger Magazine.

John Anderson, Canopy Timber Alternatives
Canopy Timber Alternatives Finds Opportunity in Global Economy

The export log market remains viable and very important for companies like Anderson’s. It also provides a diversity of markets for loggers and other suppliers in the Northeast and diversification is key to survival for any wood products business.

New Technology in Vermont’s Forest Operations

Reflecting on the opportunity to modernize, Wilcox said, “We created the app to make the manual easier to access, as well as to provide other tools that would be helpful in implementing the AMPs. Smartphone apps are a natural progression for outreach, and it will allow us to update the manual and tools easily and provides a platform for new technology to be added in the future.”

Eastern hemlock boards
Local Species Cross-Laminated Timber Nearly Commercial in the Northeast

Mass timber, which uses glulam beams and cross-laminated timber, is starting to take hold in the commercial building field. Mass timber is much more carbon friendly – replacing traditional concrete and steel – and can often compete on price partly because the construction phase for this technique is so much faster than concrete and steel.

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