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NELA is a regional trade group representing members of the Northeast and Lake States’ logging, sawmilling, and forest products community.

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About Us

For over sixty years the Northeastern Loggers Association has published a highly respected monthly magazine that focuses exclusively on our region – The Northern Logger and Timber Processor. NELA also produces training programs, pamphlets and books, and the region’s largest exposition of forest products and tree care equipment. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the link below.


Articles from previous issues of The Northern Logger Magazine.

When Your Heart is in It

For Neal Graham of ALM Logging in northern Pennsylvania, seven days a week used to be a regular workweek. Like many loggers, Graham felt that in order to make ends meet and keep afloat in a tough business, he couldn’t take time off.

Firefighter posted as a lookout on the sunset fire.
On a Western Fireline

While firefighting isn’t either northern or logging, one person’s experience presents a unique look into how so many people outside of the forest industry become aware of forests.

Walking is Better Than Zooming

As we look towards a post pandemic world, don’t be surprised if, after the initial pleasing aspect of in-person person meetings wears off, you begin to see the drawbacks in this format.

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