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The Northern Logger and Timber Processor is the only monthly trade publication edited exclusively for loggers, sawmillers, timberland managers and processors of primary forest products in the Northeastern and Lake States region. The magazine’s 100 percent paid (Verified Audited) circulation is largely contained within the region from Maine to Minnesota on the north and Missouri to Maryland on the south.

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Low-density multiple-aged management in oak-pine-hemlock forest. This will have a high growth rate overall, and on larger crop trees. Also, a very low mortality rate, modest levels of carbon storage, and a high percent of durable wood products available from the next harvest.
Should We Manage Forests?

As active stewards of forests in our region, we are often called to respond in support of our profession. This
might come in the case of daily sales of our services, or just interacting with a neighbor. Better yet, we might have an opportunity to speak at a local school, or some public meeting. National Forests and State Forestry Departments sometimes seek public input for general plans, or specific projects. The other guys are going to show up, and they tend to be quite
passionate – we all have a story to tell.

Forest Industry Trends and Forecasts 2024

The forest industry across the Northeast is in a bit of a slump
– things aren’t necessarily bad, but it certainly isn’t a time of expansion and profitability. This is a huge shift from a year ago when many markets were booming, mills were looking everywhere for wood, and the supply chain was stretched to its limits. Here’s a look at what is happening by sector.

Logger Bryan Lambert pulling a hitch with his 1993 Cat 518C cable skidder on the Second College Grant.
Dartmouth College’s “Forest to Dorm” Project

At the start of this fall semester, students who moved into Dartmouth College’s Andres Hall were greeted with beautiful brand-new wooden furniture made from trees harvested on Dartmouth’s own land. Each student in the dorm was issued a bed, desk, dresser, and bookcase made from sugar maple cut last winter on Dartmouth’s Second College Grant, (the Grant), a 27,000-acre tract located in northern New Hampshire.

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