NELA's 2023 Industry Awards

Honoring Excellence in the Industry


At this year’s annual Loggers’ Banquet, the Northeastern Loggers’ Association presented awards in eight different categories. Every year NELA receives numerous nominations for outstanding loggers, sawmillers, educators, and advocates, and it’s always difficult to choose among an exceptional group of industry professionals. Winners are selected by NELA’s awards committee from nominations by peers. The banquet, sponsored by Farm Credit East, was held in Burlington Vermont on May 2, the evening before the Loggers’ Expo. The following are the winners of NELA’s 2023 industry awards.


Honorary Life Members
ROY and BOB ADEN of Lyons Falls, New York, bought their first whole tree chipper in the early 1980s, forming Aden Brothers Logging. They have worked for decades providing wood for Georgia Pacific, Lyons Falls Paper, Re-Energy, Griffith’s Energy, Baillie Lumber, Colgate College, and many mills around New York’s North Country.


Paul Frederick

Outstanding Service to the Forest Industry
PAUL FREDERICK began his career in 1984 with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation (FPR) as a forest technician. He was the program leader for FPRs Wood Utilization and Wood Energy Program leader from 1997 until he retired in 2023. He has been a key leader on timber harvesting and forest resource projects throughout his career and played a pivotal role in enhancing the competitiveness of the forest product and wood energy industries through education and training.

His diverse knowledge and capabilities made him the “ultimate utility player.” Many have counted on his advice throughout the years, and some refer to him as the “Google Search Engine” of FPR. His outstanding 40-year career reflects his deep commitment to sustainable forest management.


Outstanding Forest Products Trucking Operator
Based in Loudon, NH, DAVID MOODY has hauled wood as an owner-operator for the last 35 years all over New Hampshire and southern Maine. Like many trucking companies, David’s company, Moody Trucking, has grown and contracted over time. Whether he had a fleet of 12 or just one, he has always focused exclusively on hauling for the forest products industry.

Over the years, David has been an advocate for the industry, attending rallies supporting pro-market legislation. He is known to call his local senator or representative to advocate for the industry, and his service and hard work is recognized by those who know and work with him throughout his region of operation.

Justin and Joe Snyder accept award on Kevin and Tammy Snyder's behalf

Outstanding Contributions to Safety
KEVIN and TAMMY SNYDER of Pleasantville, Pennsylvania run a successful logging business along with instructing Game of Logging courses for Pennsylvania’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and other organizations. They have taught chainsaw skills to people from many different backgrounds, from seasoned veterans to first-time chainsaw users.

They know the importance of correcting old habits as well as teaching newbies the correct way, always with the goal of safety in mind. They have influenced others to invest in more modern protective equipment, which has saved people’s lives. Their sons Justin and Joe accepted the award on their behalf.



Outstanding Management of Resources
CYNTHIA WYATT’s father, Carl Siemon, spent his professional life in Connecticut but grew up spending time at his grandparents’ farm in Milton Mills, NH. In 1962 he purchased the last three acres of the farm from their estate and proceeded to reacquire the original 100 acres. During his life, he grew the farm from three acres to 3,000 acres.

Cynthia Wyatt became interested in forestry when her father donated the development rights on 1,500 acres of private land to the New Hampshire Forest Society in 1991. In 1995, she and her father created the Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust, a private operating foundation to manage the forests and fields of their 3,000-acre Branch Hill Farm.

In 2000, Cynthia created Moose Mountains Regional Green-ways (MMRG), a regional land trust covering seven towns that surround the scenic Moose Mountains of New Hampshire. Cynthia served as a director of MMRG until 2020, managing trustee of Branch Hill Farm until 2021, and is currently chair of the board of directors. Over the years, MMRG and Branch Hill Farm have collaborated to offer many educational programs that demonstrate how wood is harvested and the usefulness of wood products.


Ann Davis

Outstanding Industry Advocate
ANN DAVIS of Springfield, NH is a writer and longstanding advocate for the forest products industry. She steered the creation of the book New Hampshire’s Forests, New Hampshire’s People, a book that celebrated the 100th anniversary of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association (NHTOA).

Ann and her husband Marc own and manage 500 acres of timberland, named Woods Without Gile, LLC. As manager of their property, Ann has used loggers certified through the NH Timber Harvesting Council’s Professional Loggers Program for four timber harvests at the property. Working with a licensed forester, these harvests have generated income used for improvements at the woodlot. Skid trails are laid out with hiking trails in mind. Improving the forest stand, creating views, and diversifying habitat while protecting water resources always are key goals of these harvests. Ann believes that without the skilled work of professional loggers, Woods Without Gile would not have been named New Hampshire’s 2022 Tree Farm of the Year.

Ann often writes letters and testifies before NH legislative committees in support of timber harvesting and opposes bills that would harm the forest products industry in New Hampshire.


Benny and Stephen Lumbra

Outstanding Sawmill Operator
LUMBRA HARDWOODS’ sawmill in Milo, Maine produces approximately 7.5 million feet of native Maine hardwoods a year. They process hard maple, yellow birch, soft maple, ash, oak, and basswood used to make cabinets, flooring, furniture, musical instruments, and more. Pulp chips, bark, and sawdust are marketed to paper companies, pellet mills, and farmers in the area.

Lumbra has a strong focus on safety and efficiency, and they have a reputation as a quality employer and community leader. The company’s business model is designed to ensure consistency and survivability rather than to maximize profits. They are known for quickly adjusting log prices according to the lumber market and keeping log suppliers up to date about market changes on a regular basis.

President and Vice President Benny and Stephen Lumbra have also created a family-friendly company culture with good benefits, and they often work hand in hand on the floor with their people and have minimal turnover.


Outstanding Logging Operator
GLEN BROWN, owner and founder of Brown & Son Excavating and Trucking, is based in Jacksonville, Vermont. Brown’s operation is “old school.” He runs Timberjack 240 cable skidders and International TD-7 dozers. His son Daniel has worked at his side for the last 20 years. Daniel’s right-hand man, “Bandit,” operates the skidder.

They use a bunching dozer-skidder combo, minimizing stand damage. They can also operate on mountain ground where others cannot. Brown takes care of the utilization, sorting, and trucking of forest products to regional mills in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Brown understands that forest management is about growing trees as well as harvesting them. He respects what foresters and landowners want to accomplish in the long term, and he is always willing to participate in the process. His business has survived the test of time, thriving during the many ups and downs of the forest products industry.


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